If you came here looking for end-user support, please send any questions not related to a specific security bug to

The security teams for products associated with the codebase can be contacted at - this includes representatives of many vendors, and associated projects. This email address is solely for reporting security issues related to the software. If your virus checker is flagging a LibreOffice download as containing a virus, this is almost certainly a false positive. Please check with another anti-virus vendor, and/or file a bug report with them before bothering the security list. Also please consider purchasing a more accurate virus checker.

In your report, please include the following information:

  1. In what version did you identify the specific security problem
  2. If it is platform dependent, which platform are you using
  3. A proof of concept if possible

The list of security advisories is available here.

Please note that bugs which cause the application to crash, but are otherwise un-exploitable are not treated as security vulnerabilities, and finders are encouraged to diagnose and contribute fixes to recent versions of LibreOffice in the normal way.

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